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10 Wellness Influencers to Follow to Keep You Mellow

Ever feel emotionally drained after you finish scrolling through social media? 

Trust me, you’re not the only one.

It can be hard not to compare ourselves to the people we see on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Why isn’t your life as perfect and flawless as theirs?

But while social media gets a lot of stick for being “fake” and bad for our mental wellbeing, it can also be used in so many positive ways.

YouTube and Instagram are wonderful places to find things like meditations and ASMR videos to help you relax, or self-development tips and inspirational quotes to motivate you.

There are so many influencers on these platforms who have made it their sole purpose to help others with the content they create.

Rather than leaving social media feeling depressed or jealous, you can follow some positive influencers and use it to boost your mood instead.

Here are 10 of my favorite wellness influencers to follow that will keep you feeling happy and mellow. 

1. Muchelle B

Muchelle B is a YouTuber and Instagrammer from Australia who aims to help people live a more intentional life. 

I first found her channel when I came across her “30 days to simplify your life challenge”, which is all about decluttering your space and clearing your mind.

Her video series challenged me to minimize drastically and because this had such a positive impact on my life, I’ve been following her content religiously ever since.

She makes videos about mental health, self-care, goal setting and so much more. She really helps me to feel like I’ve got my life together, even when everything is falling apart around me.

2. Carrie Rad

Carrie is one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube right now.

Her content focuses heavily on self-love but she also covers topics such as mindfulness, minimalism and finding your passion in life.

I discovered her YouTube channel when I came across her video about how to deal with negative thoughts.

Through this video, she helped me to realize all the good things I have going for me in life, which has made it easier to be more positive more often.

3. Renee Amberg

Renee Amberg motivates me daily. Whenever I’m feeling particularly unproductive, I’ll watch one of Renee’s videos for some inspiration.

She wakes up at 5 am every morning, which is something I’ve been striving to do for a while now (note: my whole life).

She shares this 5 am morning routine on YouTube which includes meditation, working out and setting goals for the day. Renee also makes videos on how to be happier, creating healthy habits and tips for self-reflection.

My favorite video of hers is “letting go of resistance” which has helped me to be happier simply by accepting life as it is and stop beating myself up for things I can’t control. Definitely worth a watch!

Ralph manages the YouTube channel Infinite Waters. I first discovered Ralph’s channel via a 432hz meditation he uploaded and have been intrigued by his outlook on life ever since.

On his YouTube channel, he posts videos about things such as how to be happy, how to avoid burnout, trusting in the universe and releasing emotional energy blockages.

He also posts a lot of inspirational quotes on Instagram that are super refreshing to see on your feed first thing in the morning.

5. Annie Tarasova

Annie is the ultimate creative inspiration! I came across her Instagram feed a few years ago while browsing pictures tagged in Bali.

She has an amazing eye for photography and has a real talent for writing captions that make you feel like you’re actually there in that moment too.

She also creates content on YouTube. She makes beautiful art videos which are so mesmerizing to watch, and often talks about the law of attraction, raising your vibration and connecting to your inner self.

I’m a huge fan of all of her work, but one of my favorite videos by her is the film she made from her trip to Greece. I enjoy her travel content so much because you can tell how passionate she is about connecting to the universe and experiencing life in its realest form.

Everything about Annie Jaffrey will make you feel at ease. She makes videos on YouTube about what she eats on a vegan diet, beauty, wellness, and self-care.

Her voice, her aesthetic, her content and just her overall vibe are extremely relaxing.

7. Isabel Palacios

Two words that come to mind when I think of Isabel Palacios? Girl boss.

On her YouTube channel, Isabel gives extremely helpful and practical tips on several topics including building confidence, achieving your goals and keeping your vibe high.

She is a big believer that your mindset determines your reality and offers her views and tips on using the law of attraction for success in business, relationships and more.

If you’re into self-development or want to increase your self-esteem and motivation, be sure to give Isabel a watch.

8. Ekhart Tolle

I first discovered Ekhart when I read his popular book “The Power of Now”. In the book, he teaches you how to live in the present moment, with very practical advice.

I personally noticed huge changes in my mindset and ability to handle stressful situations after reading this book, so I’ve admired him ever since.

He uploads videos on YouTube, which are recorded during his live seminars, and offers some really insightful advice on topics such as trusting your intuition, meditation, managing expectations and being present.

And for a daily dose of encouragement, take a look at his Instagram, where you’ll find tonnes of motivating and inspiring quotes.

9. Sophia Chang

Sophia shares mostly lifestyle content, but I particularly love her Youtube channel because of how raw and real she is.

She is unapologetically herself and comes across as a very genuine and authentic person. It’s almost like having a sister to relate to and get advice from.

I actually discovered Sophia’s Youtube channel via one of her many ASMR videos. That wasn’t really my thing before, but it was surprisingly calming and I soon found myself watching them all! Super relaxing.

10. Aileen Xu

Aileen is the creator behind the YouTube channel “Lavendaire”.

I love her because I find her voice to be so soothing and her content is extremely helpful. I discovered her through Muchelle B’s recommendation and have followed her since.

Aileen creates videos about personal growth, organizing, stress management and “getting your life together”. One video in particular of hers that has helped me is her sleep schedule video.

The video not only motivated me to get my own sleep schedule in order but also reminded me that it’s OK not to have everything in life under control.

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