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Do Stress Pills Work?

Have you ever been extremely stressed out and agitated and have someone tell you, “take a chill pill”.

While most people write it off as just a common expression, stress pills are a very real thing. You may have seen them on Amazon or online ads promising relaxation and stress relief.

But with all of the health products being pumped out online today, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

So the question is, do stress pills work? Or, are they nothing more than a gimmick?

What Are Stress Pills?

Stress pills are supplements that usually contain herbs and vitamins that are specifically combined to help alleviate the impacts of stress on a daily basis. While it depends on the specific product in question, many are capable of combating mood fluctuations, depression, nervousness, nervous tension, and even anxiety.

In other words, these pills will help offset the effects of stress. This is their primary purpose. Nevertheless, a lot of people aren’t sure whether or not they work.

Do Stress Pills Work?

The short answer is, it depends. While some people are skeptical of these products, they can indeed be very effective.

The people that write off as ineffective or scams usually fall under one of a few categories. For instance, the consumer might not have high-quality pills. They might not contain the right ingredients. Or, they might not be taking the right dosage.

Then there’s the occasion where it just doesn’t work for you.

But as long as you’re getting a high-quality product with the right ingredients, there is a pretty good chance that your stress pills are going to have some effect on you.

You may need to do a little bit of research to ensure that you’re getting the right stress pills at the right price.

Which Ingredients Are Best?

The first step in choosing stress pills is to learn about the most important ingredients. So many supplements on the market are packed with filler ingredients so they’re less potent and have little-to-no chance of doing anything for you.

So, which ingredients are the most important? You’ll find out below.


If you want to alleviate your stress and anxiety, you’ll definitely want to choose a product that contains valerian. After all, this specific ingredient has proven time and time again to be effective for eliminating anxiety and insomnia.

It is very effective at treating the symptoms commonly associated with stress. It is possible to find pure valerian root supplements. However, it is best to combine this root with other ingredients to get the best results.


There is a good chance that you’ve heard of lutein at some point or another. If so, you’ll be happy to know that this specific antioxidant can be immensely beneficial for your health.

First and foremost, you should know that this antioxidant is going to protect your eyes and skin. New research from the University of Georgia has also found that this ingredient can actually help improve psychological stress levels.

It is really in your best interest to choose a supplement that contains some lutein.


Biotin is often referred to as the H vitamin. However, it is actually a part of B-complex vitamins.

This specific vitamin plays a very important role in energy metabolism and it is important for maintaining normal cell growth and development. This ingredient is also very beneficial for ensuring optimum nervous system functions. Certain studies have found that Biotin can be very beneficial for those suffering from serious stress.

Some believe that deficiencies in B vitamins, such as biotin, can actually cause people to feel more anxiety and irritability. It can also cause their emotions to become erratic.

With that being said, adding more Biotin to your intake may be able to help. Be sure that your supplement of choice contains a sufficient amount of Biotin.


You’re also going to want to choose a supplement that contains the amino acid 5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan.

This brain chemical is required to help synthesize melatonin and serotonin. When consumed as a supplement, this specific amino acid is known to be very helpful for regulating the mood and reducing stress levels.

5-HTP can also increase serotonin levels. This is important, because dysfunctions in serotonin levels can actually cause mood and anxiety disorders.

It may also be beneficial for people suffering from binge eating, headaches and irritability linked to stress.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is a very popular medicinal herb that has been used for many, many years. This specific herb is definitely a good addition to any stress pill.

After all, this specific herb has proven time and time again to be helpful for combating anxiety and depression. It can take as long as four to six weeks to obtain better energy levels and an improved mood when taking St. John’s Wort. Nevertheless, this ingredient can definitely help.

After all, the herb is capable of slowing the breakdown of certain chemicals, including dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

In return, this will reduce stress and keep you in a far better mood.


L-theanine is a good choice for people who experience stress when performing certain tasks.

This ingredient has proven to be effective for reducing stress and anxiety levels linked to stressful tasks.

If you’re heading to work or intend to perform a do-it-yourself project around the home, you may want to equip yourself with a supplement that contains this ingredient.

It’ll help you get the project finished without becoming too irritated or stressed out.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or GABA is a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in controlling mood.

Low levels of GABA have been linked to anxiety and mood disorders, as well as chronic pain. Supplements that contain GABA are very effective in improving mood and sleep, relieving anxiety and treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

It is also believed that GABA supplements can relieve chronic pain, lower blood pressure, burn fat, boost muscle growth and increase tolerance to exercise.

Since GABA cannot be obtained from dietary sources, it must be obtained through over-the-counter supplements.

However, there are a variety of foods and beverages that contain flavonoids, a substance that has shown to influence the effect of GABA on the brain. These foods and beverages include teas, red wines, vegetables and fruits.

Griffonia Seed

Griffonia seed contains 5-HTP, which was mentioned above.  This substance can boost the production of serotonin and plays a huge role in controlling mood.

Low serotonin levels have been linked to depression and insomnia. Consuming supplements with griffonia seed is a great way to ensure you are in a good mood all day long.


Many individuals already know that magnesium is an essential dietary mineral when it comes to metabolic functions, but most of them don’t know that it is also great for anxiety and stress.

In fact, magnesium has been referred to on many occasions as “nature’s Valium.”

Benefits of Magnesium Sleep Supplements

Magnesium can help the body go through as many as 600 different metabolic changes. Despite this, magnesium deficiency is the second most common type of nutritional deficiency in the world.

When you combine all of these factors, it should truly be easy to understand why the intake of magnesium has greatly increased on the past fifty years.

Many scientists have taken rats and specifically deprived them of magnesium. When they did this, it induced anxiety that was so severe it resulted in death.

Magnesium increases GABA. As mentioned earlier, GABA is a primary neurotransmitter in that brain that helps the brain.

When an individual’s GABA count is low, it can be incredibly hard for them to relax.

However, this is where magnesium can come in handy.

The best way that magnesium counters stress is by binding to the GABA receptors in the brain. Not only does it bind to these receptors, but also it stimulates them.

If you are lying awake in the middle of the night stressing about the next day and life’s struggles, magnesium might be the very thing you need to cure your blues.

It can also reduce stress hormones. Excessive amounts of stress hormones like cortisol can results in depression, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, and even stress.

Magnesium can combat this by releasing stress hormones. You might be thinking, why would releasing stress hormones help? Well, they act like a filter and stop them from entering the brain.

Other Things To Consider When Buying Stress Pills

While you’re at it, you’re also going to want to go above and beyond to ensure that your pills are going to be safe. Make sure that they do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals. It is also a good idea to choose a product that is actually made in the United States.

Finally, be sure to take the time to read reviews from previous users. If everyone has been satisfied, there is a good chance that you will be too.

What’s the Best Stress Pill?

The best stress pill is the one that works for you. Like any other supplement, certain stress pills will work better for some than others. You may have to do some trial and error to find one that works best for you. But here are a few of the top-rated stress pills on Amazon to get started:

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