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Neuroon Review: The World’s First Smart Sleep Mask

Neuroon is an intelligent sleep mask and app combo that’s billed as “The world’s first smart sleep mask”

The Neuroon is designed to normalize your sleep cycle and improve overall sleep quality, which can lead to things like better health, less stress and more energy.

But does it deliver on its promise? Check out our Neuroon review below to find out if it's the solution to your sleeping problems.​

How Neuroon Works

Here's a great video from Neuroon that showcases how the sleep mask works. Check it out and read on to see our review.

Features of Neuroon

Here are some of the top features of the Neuroon sleep mask.

Biorhythm Adjuster

Neuroon’s Biorhythm Adjuster feature uses a combination of sleep analytics, biometric sensors and a well-studied therapy called Bright Light Therapy, which raises your melatonin level. This allows it to monitor and improve your biorhythm, which encourages your body to not only sleep better, but also at the right time of day.

Similarly, the Jet Lag Blocker feature also uses light therapy to improve your overall sleep performance.

Light Boost

Not only does Neuroon improve your sleep, it can also be used to give you more energy.

Light Boost is the name for the Light Therapy that Neuroon uses to boost your levels naturally with light, without harmful substances like excess sugar, drugs or caffeine.

Season Boost works in a similar, yet slightly different way to help individuals who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD).

SAD occurs during winter in the northern hemisphere, especially in higher latitudes when the days are short and the nights are very long and very dark.

Without a typical balance of day and night, people who live in these areas (which can be further south than you’d imagine), can experience symptoms of anxiety and depression—also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Seasonal Boost light therapy from Neuroon helps combat this tricky, seasonal issue.

Neuroon lights

Neuroon Sunrise

Neuroon Sunrise simulates the rising sun (aka dawn). It happens slowly to gently guide you to alertness and wakefulness—a great, non-caffeinated alternative to your standard morning coffee.

Neuroon Sunrise also works to signal your body and teach it to wake up the right way.

Sleep Analytics

Neuroon’s Sleep Analytics are reported to users via a comprehensive report. Sleep Analytics uses Neuroon’s exclusive, patented algorithm to analyze measurements and data that Neuroon collects from your body during sleep.

Neuroon measures:

  • Brainwaves
  • Eye movement
  • Body movement
  • Heart rate
  • Body temperature

All of these data points give Neuroon’s algorithm a detailed picture of what’s going on with you while you sleep, which it then turns into an easy-to-understand, in-depth report.

Neuroon sleep analytics

Companion App

The Neuroon companion app enables you to customize your Neuroon wakeup experience. You can also set a Biorhythm Alarm that allows you to wake up fully, yet gently, as opposed to the jolt of a loud, standard alarm.

You can use it to see your sleep recommendations, sleep phase analytics and your sleep time analytics. Additionally, you can receive personalized and intelligent recommendations and configure your settings via the app.

Finally, you can use the companion app to further personalize your nap time into The Power Nap, The REM Nap and The Ultimate Nap, each with its own set of health benefits and perks.

Neuroon App

First Impression of Neuroon

From the moment I put it on, I found Neuroon to be very comfortable to wear. Of course, that isn’t always the case as the night wears on, so I didn’t get my hopes up, despite that.

I was pretty intimidated by reading about all the features on the companion app. For some reason, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to work them or configure the settings how I wanted them. However, that wasn’t the case. Setting up Neuroon was a breeze and I was able to set my perfect Biorhythm Alarm.

The big deal is obviously in the morning when you wake up and see how the analytics say you slept. I got a lot of detailed and useful information about my sleep that I actually shared with my doctor, who found it all very fascinating.

Neuroon is not designed to cure sleep disorders. But it did alert me that there are issues with my sleep that I need to discuss with my doctor, which is pretty cool.

The light therapy features were amazing. Despite understanding the science behind them, I was still skeptical it would work for me, personally. But I tried Light Boost anyway, and I’m glad I did.

neuroon at work

I used it before work and I felt super focused without all the jitters that come with drinking three cups of coffee for breakfast.

I have to say the nap features are awesome. Each one actually is a bit different, which is surprisingly cool and useful.

What to Like About Neuroon

  • Three nap modes: The Power Nap, The REM Nap and The Ultimate Nap, each with its own benefits
  • Biorhythm Alarm provides a gentle alarm clock alternative
  • Personalized recommendations via the app
  • Sleep phase analytics
  • Sleep time analytics
  • Collects data about your sleep while you sleep
  • Light Boost light therapy
  • Seasonal Boost light therapy
  • Jet Lag Blocker
  • Biorhythm Adjuster
  • Neuroon’s algorithm is patented
  • The companion app is comprehensive
  • Neuroon is comfortable to well
  • The mask and app are easy to use
  • Neuroon sunrise

The Downside of Neuroon

One downside with Neuroon is if you don’t have a smartphone or you aren’t very smartphone literate, you can’t take advantage of the companion app. But if you're in the market for a smart sleep mask, chances are this probably isn't an issue.

Another potential issue is if you're not used to wearing a sleep mask, you'll probably take a few days to adjust to sleeping with one on.

Even though it's lightweight, it's a little bit heavier than those cheap sleep masks you find at airports or in stores.​

What’s Included

With the Neuroon sleep mask, you also get the Neuroon companion app (available for Android and iOS) which is where all of your alarms, data and analytics are centralized.


Final Verdict

Neuroon Sleep Mask and the Companion App are great tools for providing in-depth understanding behind how you personally sleep.

You get comprehensive sleep reports that tell you what’s good and what’s bad about your sleep, and the mask and the app are also tools to fix what needs to be fixed.

Plus, the mask is super comfortable and the light therapy feels less like therapy and more like pampering.

All in all, I would recommend Neuroon to anyone with sleep issues, or even just anyone who wants a better, more comfortable night’s sleep.

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