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MyYogaWorks Review: The Netflix of Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for about ten years, but have struggled to stay consistent. I used to go to a local yoga studio that I enjoyed, but couldn’t justify the high membership fees and so I would only pop in for classes whenever they had a sale on class passes.  

I experimented with doing yoga at home for a while by downloading a couple of yoga apps on my phone. They worked for a while, but I found the apps had a limited number of classes and it got boring to do the same flows over and over again.

Then I signed up for MyYogaWorks, which boasts hundreds of premium yoga classes for a low monthly cost. 

So does MyYogaWorks, well, work? Here is an honest review of everything the subscription has to offer, including the good, the bad, and the yogaly.  

What is MyYogaWorks?

MyYogaWorks was born from Yoga Works, a California based yoga studio founded by Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and Alan Finger. The three are highly accomplished yoga practitioners and started the Santa Monica yoga studio in 1987. Since then, they’ve opened several locations across the United States, from LA to Baltimore. was launched as a way for students across the globe to access yoga anytime from the convenience of their home (or anywhere!) 

How Much Does MyYogaWorks Cost? 

Their sales page has a handful of classes that you can try for free without even signing up. If you’re curious to give it a try, you can sign up and the first 14 days are free. 

For Non-Members of the brick and mortar studio, the cost is $15 USD per month after a two week free trial. You can also gift classes or pay up for six months to a year up front to save money. 

Considering that you’d be hard pressed to find a live yoga studio that offers a single class for $15 USD, the cost definitely seems reasonable. 

Get $100 Off MyYogaWorks

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The Format

It’s a web-based platform so you will need a high-speed internet connection in order to live-stream the classes. Although there is no app, MyYogaWorks is phone and tablet friendly.

I mostly used it with my ipad and found it very easy to use; navigating your way around to find the class or journey you want is a breeze. 

Still, I wished there was an app or a way to download the classes ahead of time to watch later when I wasn’t connected to the internet. (My Wi-Fi gets a little spotty when I’m in the dedicated exercise room in our basement!) To avoid any interruption to my flow, I need to stick to the living room to do yoga.

MyYogaWorks Home screen

The MyYogaWorks home screen

Subscription Features

The monthly subscription comes with access to over 1200 on-demand classes with a wide variety of styles, session length, and difficulty levels. 

When you first log in, the Home screen loads up with their newest, most popular, and featured yoga classes. They also have a section on the Home screen specifically for those who are new to yoga. 

The “Find a Class” option is designed to help you quickly search for the perfect class and features highly specific search options. 

Not only can you select the duration, difficulty, style, and teacher, you can even zone in on what body part you want to work on or what kind of poses you want to practice. 

But my favorite filter is the “I want to feel” drop box, which is designed to target what you want to get out of your workout, whether it’s for stress relief or calorie burn.

MyYogaWorks Class Search

You really will find the perfect class with this advanced search tool.

There’s also a section called “Start a Journey” which are collections of classes that range from a 3-4 classes to 28-day challenges. Some journeys are designed to help you achieve a certain advanced pose, while others are more tailored to lifestyle. 

I was pretty impressed with the selection of journeys, there is even a yoga journey for practicing with your dog, which makes me want to run out and get a puppy to do “Doga” with!

MyYogaWorks Dog Yoga Class

It’s settled: I need to get a puppy so I can try this.

Another thing I liked is that each yoga class is accompanied by other suggested classes and a comments section where you can read how other people liked the class. You can also add classes to a “Playlist” or schedule classes to do in the future by adding them to the calendar of your choosing.

The only thing I found lacking was that none of the classes seem to be accompanied by any music. On one hand, you could view this as a positive since you could play whatever yoga music you prefer, over the video. But I still feel like there should be optional music that you can toggle on or off depending on your preference. 

The MyYogaWorks Classes

With over 1200 classes, there is certainly no shortage of options on MyYogaWorks. But how well do these classes actually guide your sessions? 

What you should be looking for in a class will differ depending on whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi:

MyYogaWorks Beginner Yoga Classes

Although I haven’t been a beginner for a long time, I was still curious to check out the beginner classes. As a beginner, learning how to get into and hold the poses properly is a major concern; if you don’t do them right, not only could you lose out on their benefits, but you could actually hurt yourself.

Fortunately, MyYogaWorks has a plethora of beginner videos. 

The home page also features a section called “New to Yoga? Start Here!” where you can find these videos. Some of them are as short as two or three minutes just to thoroughly explain a particular pose, or the proper way to vinyasa flow.  

Of course, it can be more difficult to tell if you’re doing the poses correctly since you don’t have an in-person teacher to manually adjust you or otherwise direct your posture. But if you’re able to practice in front of a mirror, it might be able to help you see visually if you’re doing the pose correctly.

MyYogaWorks Beginner Yoga Classes

Beginner classes will help you feel confident you’re doing the poses correctly.

MyYogaWorks Intermediate Yoga Classes

Most of the classes I took on this platform were in the intermediate level. I am more of a vinyasa/power-yoga enthusiast so I searched for classes that would make me feel sweaty. 

The first class I tried was called Cardio Flow, a 25-minute, intermediate level vinyasa class. The instructor is Alexandria Crowe, who is one of the teachers with the most classes on the platform.

The instructor introduced the class and two other women who will be flowing through the poses with you. Alexandria stood toward the back and spoke through the poses. 

Despite how quickly we flow through the poses, Alexandria is able to clearly explain what you should be focusing on in each pose. By the end, I felt like I’d had a good workout and I truly enjoyed the class.

MyYogaWorks Intermediate Yoga Classes

MyYogaWorks Advanced Yoga Classes

I did try another of Alexandria’s advanced classes called Titbasana/Firefly, which was part of a 5 class Journey building up to the pose. The twenty minutes of prep gets you as ready as you’ll ever be to attempt this challenging pose. 

By the end of it, I wasn’t able to achieve firefly, but I felt if I practiced it enough I might eventually get it, and in a way that is safe and won’t end with a broken nose from me falling flat on my face.

MyYogaWorks Advanced Yoga Classes

I’m a long way from achieving these kind of gymnastic feats.

Is MyYogaWorks Worth It?

With over a 1000 classes and countless options, MyYogaWorks is essentially the Netflix of yoga. 

Each of the teachers are clearly experts and are more focused on talking you through the process and leaves the demonstration of the poses to two yogis that silently flow through the poses in the foreground. It really does feel like you have a teacher talking you through each pose in the flow. 

If you’ve never been on the mat before, I would still recommend you go to two or three live classes before signing up for MyYogaWorks, just to have a live instructor properly introduce you to the poses. But yogis of all levels will definitely find a ton of value in this reasonably priced subscription.

MyYogaWorks Review

Here's an overview of what we liked and didn't like about MyYogaWorks.


  • Impressive variety of classes to choose from covering all styles and difficulties
  • Over 40 instructors with different teaching styles: if you don’t like one, choose another!
  • Class playlists, calendar scheduling, and advanced search filters allow for a highly customizable yoga journey
  • A wide selection of preassembled classes or “journeys” to work through for a consistent yoga practice 


  • As a virtual platform, there’s no one there to tell you if you’re doing the poses right or not
  • No background music 
  • No way to download classes and watch them later without an internet connection


Thinking of giving MyYogaWorks a try? Get an entire year for just $45 with code: MYWYEAR45

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