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What is Kava Kava?

Kava, or kava kava, is a crop grown in the South Pacific Islands. Its roots are chewed or pounded, to prepare a drink that’s used in ceremonies or special occasions in the Pacific Islands.

However, the herb is gaining popularity throughout the world now, thanks to its relaxing properties. It’s considered to be highly effective against many mental health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, sleeplessness, muscle tension, and many more. It’s also believed to help deal with stress to a considerable extent.

On the flipside, however, it’s also believed to be leading to many side effects, and has an effect similar to that of alcohol. It has also been surrounded by some controversies over the past decade, as its use was linked to liver failure, following which it was banned in Britain.

The US’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t called for its removal, but has said in its statement that customers should note that it carries a “rare”, but potential risk of causing a liver failure. Other countries have advised against its use until further research is done.

Benefits of Kava Kava

However, it’s seemingly still being used by many, thanks to it seemingly being a great substitute for drugs such as Valium and benzodiazepines. Let us take a look at some of its most important benefits below.

Anxiety Relief

Most of the clinical studies done on kava kava suggest that it’s quite effective in treating anxiety and related issues. Some of them also conclude that it may actually turn out to be a better alternative to placebo for such mental health problems, as well as a better substitute for medications that are usually prescribed for treating anxiety.

An important study also found that kava kava may reduce the symptoms of anxiety considerably in just a week of using it.

There was another important research done on the herb back in 2003, which concluded that a dose of 300 mg of kava kava proves out to be very helpful in improving mood and cognitive performance. This is actually considered to be a great advantage, as usually the drugs prescribed for treating anxiety tends to decrease cognitive performance.

Insomnia Relief

Thanks to its calming effects, kava is also believed to be pretty effective in treating sleeplessness and sleep related problems. Although it doesn’t seem like many studies were undertaken to research this aspect of the herb, there’s some evidence available that suggests Kava improves the quality of sleep as well as decreases the time taken to fall asleep.

However, due to safety issues and the fact that seem to be other herbs that do pretty much the same thing, it isn’t recommended to use kava for sleep related problems.

Helps Fight Addiction

Some preliminary and exploratory clinical studies suggest that kava may be of a significant value when it comes to tackling drug abuse and other addiction related problems. Substance abuse and drug craving has been one of the biggest health related problems in the US, and hence this may turn out to be a big breakthrough for the country.

It’s believed that kava contains compounds that try to bind themselves to the brain locations that are responsible for drug craving and addiction.

Other Benefits

Some other benefits include preventing convulsions, relaxing muscles, relieving pain, and reducing color cancer risk (not conclusive).


Kavana Supplements Kava Kava Root Extract

Kavana Supplements Kava Kava Root Extract

Kava Kava Supplements

Kava is available in various forms, including capsules, tablets, liquid drops, and dried extracts.