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19 Amazing Journaling Prompts For Self-Discovery

Are you interested in fully discovering yourself? There are plenty of ways to learn a great deal more about yourself. Journaling is at the top of the list.

Journaling is immensely beneficial and it can help you gain a far better understanding of yourself. The challenge is deciding what to write.

That’s where journaling prompts come in handy. Specifically, you need journaling prompts for self-discovery.

The prompts below will help you understand more about who you are, what your passions are and overall get very introspective.

Here are 19 journaling prompts for self-discovery:

1. What Characteristic Do You Like The Most?

First and foremost, you should learn a little more about yourself and your favorite characteristic. What do you like most about yourself? Do you absolutely love your mind, face or body? When is the last time you felt proud of this characteristic?

Make sure that you jot down details about the last time you felt amazing when complimented about this part of yourself. This can help you find out what you care about the most and what makes you feel good.

2. What Physical Trait Causes You To Be Self Conscious?

Now, you should figure out what physical trait causes you to be self-conscious. Some people are worried about their acne, while others are concerned about their weight. To improve these areas, you really need to make sure that you identify them.

Can you find a way to come to term with these problems? Writing it down can help you come up with a solid game plan for getting over your pet peeves.

3. What Do You Consider To Be Your Strongest Strength?

It is a good idea to think about your greatest strengths. What makes you special? Where do you excel? Be sure to jot down a specific time when your greatest strength proved to be very beneficial. Perhaps, you’re a smooth talker and you managed to talk yourself out of a problem.

4. What Do You Believe Is Your Greatest Weakness?

If you’re serious about discovering your true self, you really need to learn a great deal more about your weaknesses. Everyone has a weakness. Whether it’s procrastination, being judgemental or a pessimist.

With this in mind, you should not feel bad about it. Instead, you need to identify this weakness, so you can take steps to improve it. This is the only way that you’re going to be able to become the very best you.

5. What Is Your Personal Pet Peeve?

Do you absolutely despise when people do something? For instance, you might hate it when people are late. What other character flaws do you hate? Do you happen to have these same traits?

Be honest with yourself. Many times, your biggest pet peeves will be problems that you deal with on your own. By identifying these problems, you’ll eventually be able to find ways to deal with them.

6. When Did You Last Feel Loved And Valued?

You’re also going to want to think about the last time that you really felt loved and valued. What made you feel this way? Did you accomplish something that other people are not able to do? Or, did you help someone? Find out what made you feel loved and valued. This can help you find ways to feel the same way in the future.

7. What Would Your Theme Song Be?

Identifying your theme song can help you figure out specifically what you want to do in life. You can also find motivation from this song.

8. What is Your Greatest Fear?

If you want to be effective when journaling for self-discovery, you’re going to want to write about your fears. Pretty much everyone on the planet is going to have a few fears. Nevertheless, there is one fear that is going to scare you the most.

It might have something to do with failure at work or failure in your relationships. By identifying your fears, you’ll eventually be able to find ways to overcome them.

9. What Do You Want Most For The Future?

What do you want to achieve in life? Do you want to become a successful business person? Or, perhaps you’re only interested in getting married and having children? You need to identify what you want for the future.

This will ensure to ensure that you’re able to put together a game plan to achieve that future that you want.

10. When Did You Last Mistreat Someone?

You need to be honest with yourself here. It would be a lie to say that you’ve never mistreated someone. Pretty much everyone has been mean to someone else at some point. This is normal.

Think back and figure out why you did it. What caused you to mistreat the other individual? Was it something you did or something they did? Did you take out your frustrations on them? Figure out immediately, so you can avoid the same mistakes in the future.

11. Have You Had A Missed Opportunity?

There is a pretty good chance that you’ve had a missed opportunity. There are few people who have not let a good opportunity slip by. You’ve probably done the same.

Reflect on why you missed that opportunity. Was it due to the fact that you were afraid to take a chance? You need to figure out precisely why you let that opportunity slip away. Doing so will help to ensure that you do not repeat the same mistake in the future.

12. Do You Consider Yourself To Be Spiritual?

Do you believe in God? Do you partake in one religion or another? There are tons of people who are devoutly religious. If that’s you, it’s worth exploring.

Ask yourself, why do you enjoy religion? If you do not believe in religion, you should write it down too. Be honest with yourself and learn how you really feel by using your journal.

13. What Do You Look For In A Friend?

Everyone needs a friend or two. So, what do you look for in a good friend? Do you want someone who is honest and loyal? Or maybe you prefer someone who is dependable and funny?

You need to figure out right away, so you can associate with the right people. This question will also help you determine what you feel is important.

14. What Do You Want in a Dream Home?

Everyone wants to live in their dream home. Few will ever get the chance.

Write down what you want in a dream home. Where would that home be located? Would it be massive or small? What would the garden look like? What would you see when you look out the window? The aspirations that you have for a home can tell you a great deal about yourself.

15. How Do You Express Your Love?

Do you prefer hugging someone? Are you the type of person who would rather send someone a heartfelt card?

There are plenty of ways to express your love for someone. Figuring out which methods you prefer the most can tell you a lot about yourself. You may also eventually discover new ways to show your love for your significant other, friends and family members.

16. How Do You Feel When In A Large Crowd?

Some people love being the life of the party. Others prefer hiding away when they’re in a large crowd. Which category do you fit in?

Self-discovery is all about answering the difficult questions. Find out which category you’re in and find out why. This will ultimately tell you a lot about yourself and your personality. Remember that it is impossible to be wrong.

17. When Experiencing A Problem, Who Do You Go To?

When you’re trying to deal with a problem, you are likely going to speak with someone. Who do you speak with? Do you chat with a family member or friend? Do you speak with someone online?

18. What Would Your Dream Job Be?

A lot of people have a dream of working in a specific industry. Do you? Would you absolutely love to be a chef, scientist or astronaut? Do you want to be a sports star or a musician? What draws you to this specific professional?

19. Do You Like Trying New Things?

Are you the type of person who likes trying new things? Or, do you like staying within your comfort zone? What makes you feel this way? Why do you like experimenting? Why do you hate trying new things?

19 journaling prompts for self discovery

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