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The Isoflex Stress Ball: A Thorough Review

Is the Isoflex Stress Ball really worth all the hype? I checked it out to see if it really relieves stress and tension!

This stress ball might be little, but it’s certain to help essentially anyone in a huge way. Isoflex is a well-known provider of quality stress balls, performing as an assistant in relaxation and therapeutic practices that fall under an abundance of categories ranging from physical, mental, and even social .

While the idea of a stress ball is one that we can easily understand in terms of how it works and at least one of the main uses (to squeeze during times of mental strain, of course!), there are actually a few things that make the Isoflex stress ball stand out among the rest. Let’s explore, shall we?

Top Features of the Isoflex Stress Ball​

Here are some of the top features of the Isoflex Stress Ball:

Workmanship & Quality

Tied off tightly and securely with a tough metal clasp, the Isoflex Stress Ball is sure to be able to withstand even the most demanding of situations. Richly colored, smooth, patented latex nestles hundreds of thousands of micro beads under doubly layered durability.

Each one of these come attached with a tag of authenticity, so you can be rest assured that you are receiving 100%, genuine Isoflex Stress Ball quality.

Physical and Mental Benefits

This specific stress ball performs as a strength-builder for those who work on a day to day basis with their hands. There is truly no limit to that statement, either. No matter if you do factory work, medical or clerical work, or even spend most your day picking up your toddler, there is no amount of worked up tension that the IsoFlex can't help soothe. Expanding a little more on that, numerous scientific studies show that daily usage has been known to assist with improving grasp, steadiness, throwing strength, and even handwriting!

To almost the same kind of effect, yet on a little bit of a different scale, the Isoflex Stress ball works as a terrific and incredibly useful tool that is commonly used in physical therapy for those afflicted with arthritis and carpal tunnel. Increasing blood flow to each of the nerve endings all the way from your forearm to your fingertips, this is an easy, fun, and effective at-home supplement to any physical therapy regimen.

isoflex stress ball

One of the most up-and-coming, highly utilized psychological practices that has come to light in recent years in order to alleviate the every-day pressures of our busy lifestyles is mindfulness. If you haven’t heard of the term, it plainly means being completely aware, accepting, and conscious of each and every part of your surroundings—stress included.

One of the main points of the mindfulness practice is that we choose a grounding item to help bring one back to reality when they feel overwhelmed. The #1 recommended grounding item is the Isoflex Stress Ball. The Isoflex Stress Ball is definitely the perfect tool for those of us who practice introspective techniques.

It works as the best tool because the physical sensation of grabbing and letting go repeatedly can be a more soothing type of mantra of sorts for those of us learning the wonderful and healing practice of mindfulness.

Many more up-to-date studies have shown that the stress ball actually helps almost all spectrum Autism, ADHD, and ADD patients as it creates a focal point for one’s attention, alleviates aggression, and is known to pique interests!

Convenience and Quirks

The Isoflex Stress Ball is almost limitless in terms of options! It comes with many different, vibrant options in which one can choose exactly what color best suits their own fancy. Isoflex Stress Balls carry a plentiful amount of different colors that range from bright and bold, all the way to neutral and direct! Many of our dual-layer “skins” are marbled with another color, creating a distinct, tasteful statement.

It’s small and compact enough to put in your pocket and take anywhere no matter the setting. At the same time, the IsoFlex stress ball is large enough to not be so easy to misplace!

Is the Isoflex Stress Ball for me?

The Isoflex Stress Ball is something that literally anyone over the age of six is capable of using for their own enjoyment, healing practices, or to simply kill boredom. It requires no certain level of strength or agility, so the only thing you have to worry about is choosing which color you find the most appealing!

Isoflex Stress Ball Models​

In addition to the Classic line we have linked up at the top for you, they also have quite a few other lines of the Isoflex Stress Ball. The Camo design is a more fun looking series which features simple, yet vivid solid colors marbled together to create distinct looks.

isoflex stress ball camo design

For the more expressive and blatant personality types, Isoflex also carries a line titled the “Attitude” series.

The “Attitude” stress ball has the same style of definitive color as the “Classic” line, but these ones don cute little cartoon characters exemplifying the written statements beneath them which say things such as, “I Blew a Fuse” or “I Can’t Stand It!”, or, “Let’s Party!”, and (my personal favorite) “Goin’ With the Flow”. The Attitude line of IsoFlex Stress Balls allow you to pop an attitude in a tasteful and subtle manner, even under the tightest of circumstances.

IsoFlex Attitude Stress Ball

Is There a Catch?

Absolutely not. There are utterly zero downsides to using the Isoflex Stress Ball. Whether you’re handling stress at work or home front, are trying to find something to supplement your healing regimen, need something to toy with in moments of boredom, or maybe would would like something fun and unique to display on your desk, the Isoflex stress ball covers it all. This stress ball is a fun, dexterous, and skill-building activity for everyone to enjoy in virtually any circumstance.

Final Thought

Beyond any doubt, I would certainly recommend the Isoflex stress ball. Of course, my own recommendation is deeply rooted in the aforementioned reasons I’ve listed, but through all of my testing on the Isoflex Stress Ball, I noted that it had a very classic appeal to it.

The stress ball was invented in 1988 and has remained as one of the only true and tried mechanisms to alleviate stress. Fast forwarding to 2016, there are a ton of items on the market today that claim to do the same thing or perhaps even more. But with so many different options, how can we be sure that something is actually going to work? How can we even be sure that a newer product is going to be able to tailor itself to our specific needs? What if it’s not so user-friendly?

Those thoughts, coupled with the fact that the Isoflex stress ball has the same exact technology that has been proven time and time again to work effectively--every time--creates an extremely comforting feeling in me, knowing that it will get the job done in the way that I need it to--no matter what.

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