inner peace

15 Tips To Find Inner Peace And Happiness

Do you know that one person in your life that truly seems unbothered in almost every situation? No matter what life throws at them, they never get frantic or out of character. Chances are, they’ve found their inner peace.

Peace is the absence of confusion. Therefore, inner peace is achieved when you’re secure and confident with who you are, your purpose, morals and principles.

There are plenty of benefits to inner peace:

  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Self confidence
  • Stronger relationships
  • A deeper appreciation of life
  • Less stress
  • Joy and happiness

Plus, people who have found inner peace are comfortable in uncomfortable situations because they don’t let outside forced dictate who they are. And that’s the ultimate goal of most people in life, particularly during this day in age when bullying has become rampant and we’re constantly fed images of other people living seemingly perfect lives on social media. It’s hard to accept yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin.

So the question is, how can you achieve inner peace?

Some people seem to be born with it. But luckily, it’s a skill that can be learned and honed, with practice and lifestyle changes.

Here are 15 simple tips on how to find inner peace.

1. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

The awareness that you are going to accept the consequences of your actions makes you act a certain way.

When you know you have nobody to blame but yourself, your choices and actions are well planned and thought out.

Taking responsibility enables you to attain discipline, and people around you will come to respect your choices.

Remember, you chose your own behavior, its only right that you take responsibility.

2. Embrace Who You Are

Everyone has faults and little things they don’t like about themselves. Accept you for who you are.

Inner peace and happiness comes with being comfortable with yourself. Embracing yourself, the good and the bad, gives you the first opportunity of acceptance. From yourself.

Only then can you look inside you and recognize things that make you happy.

3. Be Honest With Yourself

See yourself for who you are and the energy you put out. Whatever you reflect out to the world should be the same as your thoughts of yourself.

You can’t think of yourself as a philanthropist when the world only sees a scrooge.

Create congruency between who you are and what you put out. This prevents conflict that may arise based on your character. The congruency makes it clear on what your ideals are.

4. Meditate

Studies show that mediation stimulates the part of the brain responsible for happiness.

Connecting with your inner-self clears your mind and helps you find inner peace.

During meditation, you’re able to dedicate some time to yourself, and really find your inner calm.

Since external activities and the daily stressors of life can take a toll on you, balance is crucial. Looking within yourself detaches you from the world for a while so you can recenter and refocus.

5. Have goals

Having something you’re working towards makes you grounded and brings you closer to inner peace.

Take stock of what your life is about and leading to. Make adjustments that will give you a sense of purpose.

These goals should be attainable and realistic. Making up crazy goals that you can’t possibly attain will frustrate you and discourage you from trying again.

Also time limit your goals, otherwise you might end up constantly procrastinating. Being grounded with purpose creates a calming effect of order.

6. De-clutter

If you’re ever feeling disoriented about anything, de-cluttering is the easiest solution around.

Trying to think of new idea and getting blanks? De-clutter your immediate environment.

Feeling like your room is chaotic? De-clutter.

Putting things in order in your immediate environment helps your brain focus better. A good way to start is to have regular clear-outs to prevent an over accumulation of things.

A clear environment settles your mind. After you get rid of all the clutter, you’ll feel more at peace and happy about your space.

7. Focus on the Positive

The law of attraction states that we attract what we are. Focusing on the positive is bound to draw positive things your way.

Research shows that people with a lot of positive thoughts are less likely to be affected by depression.

And it makes sense.

When you look at every obstacle or situation as an opportunity instead of a problem, your entire outlook on life changes.

Try to go into new experiences with a positive state of mind and good intentions. When you exude positivity and good vibes, it’s extremely difficult for outside forces to penetrate your inner peace.

8. Derive Joy in Everything

Life is beautiful and there are so many things to enjoy. Learn how to derive joy in everything you do, and you’ll be in a constant state of peace.

That also means taking the time to get out of your comfort zone a bit.

While you should always make time for things that you love and make you happy, don’t be afraid to get out of your space and experience the world. Staying in one place for too long may get boring and redundant.

Be able to open yourself to the joys life provides. Sometimes we forget what it felt like to be happy and carefree. Let out your inner child and have fun.

Being an adult doesn’t mean you should lose your sprinkle of fairy dust.

9. Serve Others

Serving others enables you to see beyond your own needs and troubles.

Placing your focus on other people’s needs makes have a better perspective of things. Your mindset is broadened, even increasing your confidence level.

Helping people go through their hard times can build your confidence.

Putting other people’s priorities first, helps you forget about our own problems for a while. You are able to fully focus on helping the person achieve their goal by servitude. You will come out of the experience feeling happier that you were able to help.

10. Have a Sense of Humor

Laughter is a great way to relieve stress. Start seeing the funny things in life.

Try not to take yourself too seriously. Bringing lightness to some issues you may be going through alleviates the burden.

Plus, no one likes hanging around a wet blanket. When you have a sense of humor, even the people around you are happier. It’s a sure way of curing boredom and entertaining company.

One benefit of finding inner peace is it keeps you more secure and comfortable in uncomfortable situations, like meeting new people. Having a sense of humor is a great way to help break the ice in a conversation. Meeting new people is suddenly less awkward just because you’ve gained a sense of humor and have that sense of inner peace.

It ultimately makes you forget to worry.

11. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Research shows that positive social connections improves your mental and physical wellbeing.

Even with happiness being a choice, people around you may influence if you’re happy or not. Hanging around people who are positive may also get some of their traits rubbed off on you.

They’ll inspire you to be the best person you could be. They’ll provide the motivation and the examples that will encourage you to reach new goals.

Positive people are very good at dealing with stress. You’ll be able to have a support system of people who can handle issues well. Positive energy from such connections won’t leave any space for negative thoughts and destructive critics.

12. Be Your Friend

Before you go out and look for friends, make sure you’re your friend first.

Making friends with yourself will push away loneliness. You’ll never be lonely because your solitude will be comfortable.

You’ll become the first responder of your support group. Before your other friends show up to give support, you can start dealing with issues on your own. While friends may come and go, you’ll always look out for yourself.

Being your own friend will ensure you love yourself first. Loving yourself before you love others ensures you’ll never be taken advantage of. Ever think your friends don’t see the worth you see in them? Guess what? You can be that friend to yourself.

13. Speak Your Mind

Never be afraid to open up and say exactly what you mean.

Most of us can’t read minds. So why not invest in some words and make things clear?

Clearing things up will relieve the frustration and stress you may have. Talking and letting people know what you think and your feelings lifts a burden off your shoulders. You can never be accused of deceit when you say exactly what you mean.

Ultimately even if people don’t like what you have to say, they’ll respect you for being honest.

How many times do you find yourself thinking of arguments you might have given? Speaking your mind leaves no room for you to doubt yourself and what you said. It clears your mind to focus on other things. And that’s inner peace.

14. Focus On The Now

The past may haunt you and the future may distress you. Its up to you to make yourself focus on the now.

Focus on living in the present.

Paying attention to the present allows you to focus on the current state of your thoughts. You are able to follow the progress of your thoughts as you go about your day. It creates an awareness of how you think and your pattern of progress.

People who live in the moment are known to be happier and more secure. Being grounded in the present leaves no room to doubt your actions and worry about their consequences. It ensures you remain in a secure bubble of self-assurance.

15. Get Enough Sleep

You’d be shocked at the dire effects getting little sleep can cause.

Sleep is necessary for our bodies to relax and our brain recharge. Poor sleeping habits can cause you to be irritable and have poor judgement. Plus, a lack of sleep exacerbates stress.

Ensure you get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep. This will not only make your day better, but you’ll also be doing your body a favor. You’ll be able to feel relaxed and calm enough to go about your day.

Finding your inner peace won’t happen over night. It’s the result of a consistent effort and making a conscious decision to live a more peaceful and calm lifestyle, even when things get chaotic. Try using the 15 tips above to help you find your true inner peace.