how to deal with stress

How to Deal With Stress: 16 Ways Calm People Handle Stressors

Do you have that one friend that always seems calm and relaxed? No matter what’s going on in their life, they have a soothing presence about them and it seems like they’re never stressed.

Well, they more than likely face the same amount of stress as you, they just know how to deal with it better.

The reality is most people don’t know how to deal with stress. Well, at least not in a healthy way.

If you want to be more like the calm and relaxed people in your life, here are 16 tips on how to deal with stress:

1. Running

When you perform high-intensity exercises like running, your body is going to release dopamine. In return, the dopamine is going to greatly improve your mood and relieve stress. If you’re serious about getting rid of your stress without harming your body or mind, you should think about going for a run. Once you’ve hit the finish line, you’re going to feel refreshed and relaxed.

2. Walking

Not much of a runner? No worries.

If you’re trying to find out how to deal with stress, walking works as well. Walking might not be as tough as running, but it can still get the job done right.

When you head out, you’ll be able to take in the scenery and breathe in some much-needed fresh air. Plus, walking puts less physical stress on your joints, making it a more relaxing way to get in some physical activity.

3. Painting

If you’re dealing with significant amounts of stress, you will definitely want to think about taking up a hobby. Just remember that some hobbies are better than others.

Painting just happens to be one of the very best hobbies for eliminating stress. Painting, drawing or sketching will take you away from reality briefly. When you return, you’re going to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Your stress levels will drop significantly. Plus, there is a possibility that you’re going to paint a masterpiece. Either way, painting is a must for anyone who wants to decrease their stress.

4. Counseling

If you really want to know how to deal with stress, try talking to someone. Counseling and therapy are like the “secret weapon” for calm people.

For a very long time, there was a stigma around therapy and counseling because it was seen as something that only dysfunctional people needed. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality is therapy is kind of like a mental exercise. The same way you train your body to keep it in shape and functioning properly, you need to to take care of your brain as well. Speaking to someone who’s trained in listening and analyzing your inner thoughts is the perfect way to dig deeper into the source of your stress.

Not only will you have someone to talk to, but they’ll be able to help you find ways to cope with your stress. This can make a huge difference in the long run.

5. Go On Vacation

If you work a conventional job, you may want to think about taking a vacation. Going on a vacation is one of the very best ways to diminish your stress. By taking a vacation, you’ll be able to leave all of your stressors behind you. You can escape your work and forget about it all.

You can guarantee that a short or long vacation is going to help you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Even if you can’t afford a lavish vacation to an exotic island, just going to a nearby city or somewhere local for a few days can be enough to recharge your mind and deal with stress.

6. Go Boxing

Getting involved in a physical sport is one of the very best ways to deal with your stress levels. Instead of taking your stress out on innocent bystanders or loved ones, put on the boxing gloves.

Boxing is a very physical sport and it’ll drain you completely. Just put on the gloves and wail away at the heavy bag to let out some of that pent-up stress and aggression. Once you’ve finished, your frustrations will be forgotten. You don’t need to spar with others. The heavy bag will suffice.

7. Turn On The Music

There is absolutely no doubt that music can be very therapeutic. Some music is able to pump you up. Others songs will make you feel relaxed.

When you feeling stressed and on the verge of breaking down, you should turn on the music. Sing along and let loose. This will help you feel so much better in the long run.

8. Take a Bath

When dealing with significant amounts of stress, some people will turn to destructive behavior. Calm people will jump into the bathtub.

Taking a warm bath is one of the very best ways to deal with stress. The hot water is going to feel amazing on your body. Close your eyes and let all of your stresses disappear. Once you’ve gotten out of the tub, you’re going to feel amazing.

9. Hiking

Getting outside and enjoying the best Mother Nature has to offer is highly recommended. This is why it is a good idea to get out there and go hiking. Hiking can be a strenuous activity and it will prove to be a great way to alleviate your stress.

Hiking will push you to your limits, while also taking your mind off of your worries. On top of that, being surrounded by trees and greenery naturally calms you.

If you want to eliminate your stress and refresh your mind, you need to put on your hiking boots and hit the trails.

10. Meditation

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. People who deal with stress effectively will oftentimes meditate throughout the day. No special equipment is required to meditate.

For beginners, we recommend starting out in a quiet place where you can be alone.

All you need to do is be willing to close your eyes for a few seconds and relax your mind, body and soul. There are also plenty of apps to guide you through the process if you’re not sure how to start.

11. Massages

A good massage can do wonders for dealing with stress. Just the act of someone massaging your tense, tight muscles will help you relax and release your tension.

The best part is messages are actually pretty affordable. Many smaller local massage therapy offices offer 30-60 minute massages for as little as $25 per session!

12. Spend Special Times With Friends

Friends can definitely help people deal with all types of situations, including stressful events. That’s why people who deal with stress effectively are accustomed to spending a lot of their downtime with friends.

You don’t have to throw an epic party or spend a ton of money going out. All you need to do is invite them over for lunch, a drink or to watch a movie.

The idea is to spend quality time with those who are willing to listen to your woes. Believe it or not, your friends are probably dealing with the same things you are, so spending time with them can also help reduce their stress levels.

13. Take Road Trips

There is nothing better than a road trip to reduce stress. Now, you do not need to plan a weeklong road trip, just one that lasts for as little as 30 minutes can do the trick.

The trip will give you time to clear your mind and prepare for the day ahead of you. Road trips are great for singles, couples and families. So, if you do not want to hit the road alone, you should consider inviting your friends and family members along.

14. Drink A Glass Of Wine

Studies have revealed that wine provides a variety of health benefits. One of these benefits includes reduced stress. Wine will help calm your nerves, help induce sleep and make you feel overall better.

The idea is to not consume more than two glasses of red or white wine. If you overdo it, you will become so intoxicated that it could make your condition worse. One glass of wine is all it takes to relieve stress.

15. Get A Cat

Cats are very calm creatures that spend most of their days lounging around. Just watching a cat pampering is a great way to deal with stress.

When it comes to adopting a new cat, you should take the time to monitor and observe all of the available cats’ behavior. Avoid adopting any cat that shows signs of bad or out-of-control behavior.

Only consider those that are calm, friendly and full of life.

Dogs are also a great option as well, especially if you’re seeking companionship to help deal with your stress.

16. Get Some Goldfish

Goldfish spend their time swimming. Believe it or not, just watching fish swim around can be enough to calm your nerves. Goldfish are extremely easy to care for, which makes them perfect for people new to owning a pet.

That’s How to Deal With Stress

There you have it. Sixteen healthy tips for how to deal with stress like a calm person. Hopefully you’ll be able to start putting them to use so you can relax and live less stressful life.