housmile essential oil diffuser

Housmile Essential Oil Diffuser Review

For me, diffusing essential oil is a way of life. It relaxes me, helps me feel energized and just puts me in a better mood.

Given that I am such a fan of essential oils, I have used numerous diffusers. Of all of the diffusers I have used, I have to honestly say that the Housemile Essential Oil Diffuser is, hands down, my absolute favorite. If you are serious about essential oils and you are looking for a new diffuser, you are definitely going to want to consider this product. Read on to find out some of the reasons why I was so impressed with this diffuser.

Features & Benefits of the Housmile Essential Oil Diffuser

The Housmile Essential Oil Diffuser offers several features and benefits. Here’s a look at what I found to be the most impressive.

Modern & Natural Design

First and foremost, this essential oil diffuser just looks cool. It has a modern circular shape and wood grain design, which makes it totally versatile so that it can easily be used in any space; a living room, a bedroom, an office, a yoga studio, a physical therapy practice… It works with all interior designs, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

housmile essential oil diffuser

LED Lights Are a Plus

The 7 color LED lights emit a low glow and offer nice ambiance. I like that I can either choose one color or have it cycle through all 7 colors.

Doubles as a Humidifier

In addition to diffusing essential oils, this product also acts as a humidifier, adding the perfect amount of moisture to a room.

I found that it really did help to relieve my dry skin and even helped to ease the sinus pain that I suffer from when the air is too dry.

Easy to Use

The Housmile humidifier is so simple to use. Just fill it with water, add in an essential oil and turn it on; in a matter of minutes, it starts working and the air is diffused with a lovely aroma.

I also really like the automatic shut-off function; when the water runs out, the diffuser automatically shuts off, which adds a nice level of security.

Large Capacity

This is one of the largest capacity essential oil diffusers I have ever used. It holds an impressive 350 ml of water and will run for 8 hours when set to high and 12 hours when set to low.

I don’t have to constantly worry about refilling the diffuser, which means that I can spend more time relaxing in the delightful aromas of the essential oils.

It’s Compact

I also like that the compact size of this diffuser. At just 8.3x6.663.1 inches, it fits nicely on a tabletop, a desk, a bedside table, a countertop, or any other place I want to use it and doesn’t take up a tremendous amount of room.

Given all of the features and benefits of the Housmile Essential Oil Diffuser, I highly recommend it. It really has been an awesome addition to my home.