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Fidget Cube Review

The six-sided Fidget Cube is six, fully functional fidget toys in one; compact and lightweight, it can travel to work and school for on-the-go fidgeting with ease.

Fidget Cube Features

Even though it's a simple product, there are plenty of features on this bad boy.

6 Sides of Anxiety Relieving Awesomeness

The Fidget Cube features six sides for unlimited fidgeting potential.

The click side is designed to satisfy clickers who enjoy buttons that make clicking sounds, while the glide side is home to a joy stick for endlessly smooth gliding.

A light switch-style toggle satisfies the needs of both switchers and flickers, while rollers love the rolling ball.

The gear side is for spinners, while the last side functions as a worry stone, for those fidgeters who require occasional meditation.

fidget cube sides


The Fidget Cube is small enough for elementary schoolers to hold in the palms of their hands, or for busy adult to carry around in their pocket, making it a great anxiety coping tool for use on-the-go.

It’s discreet enough to be used at work or to soothe anxious fliers on planes.


Because it’s so small and compact, the Fidget Cube is very lightweight. Kids as young as six will easily be able to use it to its full potential, as well adults with joint pain and mobility issues.

It’s roughly the weight of a pencil, give or take.

Relieves Stress

Fidgeting relieves stress and provides a coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety disorder, autism, chronic pain and more.

Not only does fidgeting help you mentally and emotionally, it can also keep your circulation going to soothe your physical body as well.

Tons of Color Options

There are a total of nine colors to choose from. Everything from retro to black to berry pink and beyond.

This is great for families who have boys and girls and want to have a recognizably different Fidget Cube for each child.

fidget cube colors

First Impression of the Fidget Cube

When I first got my hands on the Fidget Cube, I was surprised by how small it is. I knew it was meant to be handheld, but I was expecting something larger and, frankly, more awkward.

That’s just not the case with the Fidget Cube; it’s compact and has a great hand feel.

On that token, it’s also very lightweight. I estimate it’s about the weight of a standard No. 2 pencil, which means it can easily be carried in your pocket.

Additionally, the small size and lightweight of the Fidget Cube make it really easy for kids to use.

black fidget cube

I’m an all-around fidgeter, which is why I chose to try the Fidget Cube. I love clicking, gliding, spinning and everything in between. On that note, there are a lot of options for fidgeters who like smooth fidgeting (as in no clicking movements, etc.).

I particularly love the joystick gliding feature.

The clickers are really great as well. They offer a very satisfying feel as well as sound, which gives clickers their much needed clicking fix.

That said, I wish there were more noise-making sides to satisfy that particular need that many fidgeters have.

However, despite that, I can understand why the designers went with the more mixed approach they did; being so travel-sized, kids and adults can take it to work and school—two places where noise isn’t really welcome.

I actually took it to work with me the day after I got it. I work in a corporate job in a cubicle surrounded by a bunch of stressed out people.

I needed a fidgeting alternative to clicking my pen (which is admittedly loud), as I could tell it was annoying my coworkers.

The Fidget Cube filled that need perfectly, and I’ve taken it to work with me every day since.

fidget cube

What I Like About the Fidget Cube:

First, here's what I like about the different sides of the cube.

  • Clicking side: It makes noises and satisfies clicker needs.
  • Flicking/switching side: The light switch style toggle on the flicking/switching side is perfect for those with that bent
  • Gliding side: The gliding silent is effortless and seamless, perfect for those fidgeters that like a smooth fidgeting session
  • Rolling side: The rolling side more than meets the needs of rollers, while offering an extra dose of smoothness for those fidgeters who aren’t into clicking
  • Spinning side: The spinning side makes fidgeting fun
  • Worry stone side: The worry stone side helps alleviate stress, boosts focus, and can be used as a meditation aid

Here are some of the other general benefits of the fidget cube itself:

  • Alleviates stress
  • Calms anxiety
  • Helps children with autism, ADD and ADHD
  • Helps cope with chronic pain
  • Great for work and school
  • Great for flight anxiety
  • 9 color options, colors suitable to all ages and genders
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
fidget cube size

What I Didn't Like About the Fidget Cube

While being super compact is a big point in the Fidget Cube’s favor, it also makes it easier to lose.

Also, for people who don't get super fidgety or have bad anxiety, the cube might get a little boring after a while. But for everyone else (which is most people), you'll definitely want to keep this little stress toy handy.

Final Verdict

The Fidget Cube is a great, family friendly fidget toy that’s suitable for school age kids of all ages, as well as grownups coping with work stress.

With six different fidgeting sides, there’s sure to be a fidgeting aspect to suit every fidgeter’s needs. The six fidgeting sides offer a lot of variety for such a small fidget toy, and its small size makes it visually very discreet.

All in all, the Fidget Cube has a lot to offer, which is why I recommend it to fidgeters everywhere, young and young at heart.

If you're interested in trying the Fidget Cube out, you can get one here from Amazon. They have a sale going on so you can buy one and get one free!

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