cleaning room relieves stress

6 Ways Cleaning Your Room Helps You Destress

Clutter is one of the most overlooked issues in most people’s lives. Whether you have a messy desk, dirty car or in this case haven’t cleaned your room in a while, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. Not only that, but it makes you less productive and unfocused.

Indeed, cleaning your room is a great way to relieve stress. However, cleaning is not something most of us look forward to. After a hard day at work, most people don’t jump at the opportunity to clean their room and taking on more work. But taking a little time out of your week to clean your room can benefit all aspects of your life, including stress.

1. Getting Rid of the Clutter

Not many of us realize how negative a messy room can be for our stress levels. When you walk into a room and it is cluttered with all sorts of stuff such as papers or stacks of laundry, you instantly feel put off.

How can you relax and get focused if you can’t even find a place that is devoid of stuff waiting to be put away?

Therefore, by cleaning your room, you are actually paving the way for a relaxed time for yourself. It’s a lot easier to relax when your room is cleaned and not strewn with stuff. This is one of the major reasons why cleaning can help you destress.

2. Money Saver

One of the major causes of stress is money. Just looking at bills can prove to be rather hard on your stress levels. Expenses these days are increasing at an alarming rate, and you don’t want to add to the trouble. So what does this have to do with cleaning your room?

If you can’t be bothered with cleaning your room, there’s a strong chance those irresponsible habits are carrying over to other parts of your life—like paying bills.

You will also frequently find yourself replacing items since they are lost somewhere. How many times have you bought something because you couldn’t find your old one? It may seem small at first, but the expenses add up over time. You’d be surprised by how much money you can save if you just clean your room.

2. Mindfulness Meditation & Gratitude

As incredulous as it might sound, cleaning is a form of mindfulness meditation.

It makes you feel grateful for everything you have. When you are cleaning your room, you can take a look at everything you own and all the luxuries that you take for granted. It’ll make you thankful, appreciative and bring you inner peace.

Cleaning can even be called a technique for stress management. It takes your mind away from all the worries and stress related to work as you get engrossed in the task. Hence, you will feel much more relaxed after you are done.

3. Enjoy Some Time With Yourself

It is rather important that you have some one-on-one time with yourself every now and then. Alone time is great for your stress levels and provides you with a much-needed break from your worries. Cleaning your room gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time alone.

You can throw on some good music as you clean your room. Music is known to be rather effective in relieving stress on its own, and it will make your cleaning session all the more enjoyable.

4. A Form of Exercise

Another well-known method of destressing is exercise. While you might not realize it, cleaning is a great form of exercise. Depending on your size and how intense you’re cleaning, you can burn anywhere from 100-300 calories per hour.

When you clean, you’re constantly moving throughout the house, scrubbing and picking things up. All of this activity can help you work up a sweat and release endorphins, also known as the “feel good” hormones. It’s the same reason running is so popular for stress relief.

5. Improved Productivity

Clutter tends to be distracting and interferes with your concentration. In fact, studies have shown that clutter makes it more difficult to focus.

You will find that it is rather hard to focus in a cluttered room since there’s so many distractions to take your mind off of the matter at hand, making it difficult for the brain to process information. It’s hard to focus on writing a paper or finishing a project for work when you’re staring at a huge pile of dirty clothes or have papers all over your desk.

Cleaning your room clears out all those distractions. Being more organized also gives you more time to relax since you will be able to finish your work quicker since you can actually focus.

6. Sense of Accomplishment

When you clean a cluttered room and see the results of all your efforts, you will be filled with a sense of accomplishment and feel proud of yourself. Having a positive mindset is a great mental stress reliever that carries over into other aspects of your life.

Cleaning Doesn’t Have to be a Burden

Instead of a burden, cleaning is something that ought to be viewed as an opportunity. It is a task that has a lot to offer if you are willing to give it a chance. If you see it as work, it will not do you any good and you’ll end up doing a bad job just to get it done.

Instead, if you take it as an opportunity to exercise, meditate, and take some time out from the stressors of the world, it will become something that you enjoy doing and look forward to.

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