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6 Best Yoga Socks To Improve Your Grip

You don't need much to start practicing yoga. All you need is a mat, a quality app, and your favorite yoga pants...right?

Not so fast.

If you look at some yogis, you might notice they’re not barefoot—they're wearing socks.

But not just any socks—yoga socks.

Should you do the same? Which pair should you choose? And where to get them from?

Let's answer these questions.

Why Wear Yoga Socks

Maybe you're not entirely convinced that you need to purchase a pair of yoga socks.

But if you've been practicing yoga for any length of time, then you know how slippery yoga mats can be, especially when you get to sweating.

When you throw on a pair of yoga socks, the non-slip design negates this problem. Plus, it offers other benefits.

For example, it helps you spread your toes easier, which aids with your balance. It can also assist with building strength in your feet and toes while stretching.

When it comes time to stretch your toes, you'll find it easy, thanks to the design of the sock. Each toe gets its own separate slot.

But if this doesn't sound comfortable, then you can opt for the mitten-style yoga socks that encloses all of your toes in toe compartments.

Next, let's take a look at the best yoga socks you can find on Amazon.

1. Giam Grippy Yoga Socks

Giam Grippy Yoga Socks

Here's a pair of socks worth checking out. It comes with the non-slip bottoms, as well as open toes.

Some like these socks because it allows a better tactile feel and balance.

It's also worth noting that these socks protect your feet from foot fungus, which is key. And it's the reason you don't want to wear just any pair of socks.

These socks are great for hot yoga, pilates, and, of course, regular yoga.

2. Ozaiic Ballet Strap Yoga Socks

Ozaiic Yoga Socks

You're more than just a yoga lover; you want to look good while doing it too.

So you may invest in unique looking yoga pant outfits, mat, and bag. Why stop there?

You can take it further with a pair of yoga socks that resemble ballet flats.

These socks are stylish and come in a variety of colors -- black, pink, green, gray, and beige, to name a few.

It comes with non-slip bottoms and even a little bag you can carry them in before and after yoga class.

3. Muezna Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Muezna Non-Slip Yoga Socks

If you're looking for yoga socks that look more like regular socks, then these are it.

The Muezna non-slip yoga socks are made with combed cotton and 100% silica grips at the bottom.

These too come with a storage bag to store your socks in. It has a one-size-fits-all design that suits small/medium women sizes (5-10).

It's a pack of two socks that are black and gray and comes with excellent sweat absorption.

4. Ozaiic Yoga Toe Socks

Ozaiic Yoga Toe Socks

If you liked the ballet strap style yoga socks, then you may like this one as well. The difference with these is that your toes have their own sleeves.

These can accommodate slightly larger feet between 5 and 11 in women's. You can also find it in gray, black, and purple. The low-cut design makes it suitable for wearing with your shoes. Or you can carry them in your yoga bag to class.

The fabric is combed cotton, and the anti-slip bottoms are made from 100% silica. The design makes it difficult for sweat and fluff to build up. The air flow is excellent, which keeps your feet dry and fresh all day.

These socks also keep your feet warm, which aids in circulation. They're perfect for doing yoga on mats, carpets, or even tile floors.

5. Great Soles Ombre Yoga Socks

Great Soles Ombre Yoga Socks

Here's another pair of yoga socks that look like your typical everyday sock wear. On the bottom, there are little silicone dots that do a marvelous job of preventing you from slipping.

You can feel confident when performing your yoga poses in the middle of a sweaty session without having an embarrassing fall.

The design is lightweight, made with a mix of cotton, elastane, and polyester.  Unlike the last pair, these socks don't warm your feet, which is great if you're planning on a sweaty session.

6. LA Active Grip Socks

LA Active Grip Socks

If you wear between size 5.5 to 9 women's shoes, then these are a great option. It comes with the beloved silicone dots on the bottom to ensure you don't fall during your yoga sessions.

You also have the option to purchase them in black or gray. Wearers of these socks claim they have a lightweight feel. They're comfortable and feel like you're wearing nothing while performing yoga.

Others say that the grip is firm, but almost to a fault. It can be a bit tricky on certain surfaces doing specific yoga moves.

But this doesn't stop them from wearing it for yoga and even around the house as slippers.

Don't Slip & Fall—Get a Pair of Yoga Socks!

Yoga is a tricky exercise -- don't make it more difficult with slippery feet. With this list, you can have yourself a drawer filled with different styles of yoga socks that keep your feet balanced, sweat-free, and comfortable.

The only thing to do now is test them out and see which make the cut.

They're all available on Amazon at great prices, so order one or more today!

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