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5 Best Hot Yoga Mats That Won’t Slip

Getting a great workout today is all about the tools and techniques you use. While some enjoy sprinting around tracks and hitting the gym, there are others who want to enjoy a good workout in the comfort of their home.

With yoga, all you need is your mat and a solid routine of poses you and your body can handle.

But what if you want to kick it up a notch with your yoga sessions? In this case, you should consider performing hot yoga.

This is when you do your typical yoga routine but inside a hot room. This transforms your body (and unfortunately your mat) into a sweaty mess – but in a good way!

Hot yoga offers plenty of weight loss and health benefits.

The only downside is that normal yoga mats don’t hold up so well under moisture and humidity.

Thankfully, there are hot yoga mats you can use instead. Finding the right one is your next obstacle so we put together this list to help you out.

Let’s take a look!

What to Look for in Hot Yoga Mat

As with anything you buy, you want to ensure you’re getting the best of the best. Or at least, the best bang for your buck.

So when you’re searching for a new mat, you want to look for key features. For instance, it should resist or absorb sweat/moisture.

But you also want the mat to be comfortable so cushion and materials are key.

When it comes to choosing a mat for moisture, you should consider how much you sweat. If you don’t sweat much, then you can go with a mat that’s moisture resistant. In this case, you won’t have to worry much about sweat sitting on the surface of the mat (slick mats=quick falls!).

On the other hand, if you sweat a lot, then you should opt for a mat that absorbs moisture. This will also ensure you have a better grip while performing your yoga poses.

It’s also a good idea to consider a hot yoga mat that’s easy to clean. All of that sweat pays off body-wise but will create a yucky mess on your mat.

Go with a mat that you can throw in the washing machine or that you can quickly spray and wipe down will do.

So what are some great options for hot yoga mats?

1. Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Healthyoga eco-friendly non-slip yoga mat

You’re on the path to becoming a healthier you – why not do the same for improving your environment? You don’t have to go out of your way to do this either.

Pros: With the Healthyoga mat, you can play your part in going eco-friendly. This mat is environmentally-conscious, using materials that are non-toxic. It’s crafted using non-PVC material known as TPE.

It has no odor and is slip-free. The size is 26 x 72 inches and ¼ inch thick. It’s ideal for people of all shapes, sizes, and heights. You can also find plenty of beautiful colors to choose from.

A lot of people in the reviews claim it has a mega-grip, which is great news if you’re worried about sweating too much during hot yoga sessions.

Cons: On the downside, some customers say that the mat can get a bit sticky during hot yoga. Some users place down a towel to counter this.

Also, the thickness is on the thin side, which some people dislike.

Others claim that this mat isn’t entirely odorless – it has a slight smell when you first open it. But over time, it goes away.

2. Jade Yoga Mat

jade harmony yoga mat

If you’re looking for a mat that has excellent grip, then the Jade Harmony yoga mat is a good choice. This is thanks to its all-natural rubber design.

Pros: Because of the material, users don’t need towels while doing hot yoga, which is a huge plus. Some reviewers say this product tops some of the top brands that manufacture yoga mats.

The size is also large – 74 x 24 inches and it weighs in at 4.5 lbs.

Customers like this mat because of the traction and comfort and the fact that it’s lightweight.

Cons: As for the complaints, many of them revolve around the wear and tear, which comes easily. If you’re using this solely for hot yoga, then you may find that it gets dirty and worn faster.

It also becomes harder to clean compared to a closed-cell mat.

3. Clever Yoga’s Natural Anti-Bacterial Yoga Mat

Clever Yoga Natural Anti-Bacterial Yoga Mat

Heavy sweaters – this one is for you. Here’s a great yoga mat that will absorb your sweat efficiently.

Pros: It comes with a thin top layer that’s designed specifically for this purpose. It both absorbs and wicks away sweat. The second layer is designed with a cushion that promotes comfort and stability.

On top of that, the mat is made with eco-friendly materials. It contains no toxins, latex, or PVC. Instead, it uses a biodegradable tree rubber. Plus, it’s naturally antibacterial.

That’s a big bonus, especially if you sweat a lot and perform hot yoga on the regular.

Cons: Some complain that the mat doesn’t last longer than six months. At this point, it begins to lose its grips. And others complain of the odor from all the sweat it absorbs.

This tempts some customers to use a towel to help absorb some of the moisture.

4. Yoga Design Lab Combo Yoga Mat

Yoga Design Lab Combo Yoga Mat

Worried about the need to use a towel for your yoga mat? Not only is it a waste of laundry, but it’s tacky – especially if you’re doing hot yoga as a group.

One way around this is to get the Yoga Design Lab combo yoga mat. This handy mat is unique in that it’s a blend of a carpet, towel, and mat.

Pros: The design of the mat is specifically for hot yoga and Bikram sessions. There’s a lot of grip and it’s sweat absorbent.

What makes it even more enticing to hot yoga enthusiasts is that the more you sweat on it, the grippier it becomes.

The size is 24 x 70 inches and it’s made with tree-rubber and microfiber.

Cons: While many customers like this mat because of it’s specific design for hot yoga, it does come with drawbacks. For instance, it’s a bit thin, which some will find to be uncomfortable.

So it’s not ideal for all types of yoga. However, if you don’t mind thin mats, then this is right for you!

5. Manduko Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

The Manduko Pro yoga mat isn’t labeled pro for nothing. In fact, many would consider this to be the best of the best.

Pros: It has a wide design that’s two inches bigger than standard mats – 71 x 26 inches. This allows you to practice comfortably without worrying about slipping on the floor.

The fabric is also closed-cell, which helps with the grip during hot and sweaty sessions. Plus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Cons: The con about this mat is that it’s on the pricier side and is heavy, weighing in at 7 lbs. Consider carrying this around as a bonus workout!

Finding the Right Hot Yoga Mat for You

You’ll find that there are plenty of great hot yoga mats on the market. It’s all about your own personal needs.

As you can see, there are different styles to choose from. There are some for the heavy sweaters, light sweaters, and those who perform hot yoga frequently.

Ready to improve your hot yoga sessions? Then give these yoga mats a try to see which of them works for you!

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