Welcome to Mellowed 👋

My name is Dominique Jackson. I'm the owner/creator of Mellowed, a weekly newsletter dedicated to providing you with the best content about improving your mental wellness.

In addition to our weekly newsletter, our blog has hundreds of articles about stress management, anxiety, health, meditation, mindfulness, and a whole range of other topics to help improve your physical and mental wellness.

I started Mellowed over five years ago as a personal blog to give tips and share my experience with managing stress. At the time, the only content I could find about these topics were written by academics, filled with medical jargon, or created by "gurus" trying to sell you expensive courses and programs. 

I wanted a website that combined professional expertise, practical advice, and stories from diverse writers about how to overcome obstacles and improve your mental wellness. Since I couldn't find it, I created it myself.

Over time, what started as a simple blog grew into a media brand with a team of writers and experts from around the world sharing their advice, stories, and experiences.

For me, the guiding philosophy behind Mellowed is that everyone should invest in their mental wealth. We're all taught about the importance of being financially secure or taking care of our physical health, but the part that often gets overlooked is our mental health.

The same way you can make smart financial decisions to become wealthy or eat and exercise to become physically healthy, you need to invest in your mind to become "mentally wealthy".

Every time you read something negative on social media, stay at a job you hate, spend time with toxic people, and do other things that mentally drain you, you're taking away from your mental wealth bank. And just like your financial bank account, your mental wealth bank can get drained down to a zero balance if you're not careful. 

My hope is that the content we share in our weekly newsletter and on our website will show you how to grow your mental wealth balance with the help of practical tips, tools, and resources you can use daily.

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