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5 to Follow: These Sites Help You Shake Off Some Stress

"Mellowed has a Millennial vibe to it but it has loads of useful intel.  With the tagline “Enjoy life. Live Mellow,” it offers advice on a range of topics. As the young’uns would say, Yasss!"

Janet Siroto

Next Tribe


15 Helpful Stress Blogs for Mindfulness & Healthy Living

"Mellowed is a digital storehouse of information on mental health, stress management, wellness, anxiety, alcoholism, and other related topics."

Nimrat Khehra


one year no beer

7 Health & Wellness Blogs You Should Be Following

"There’s engaging, interesting writing, practical information, and a welcome lack of the frenetic blog style that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It genuinely feels a bit…mellower."

Jo Levy

One Year No Beer


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